Thursday, August 17, 2006

My first piece of felt

I was very lucky to be taught how to felt by Sarah Lawrence, this was the first piece I made

Guess where the inspiration came from...

Katy the magnificent

This is Katy. Born in November 1994. Adopted by us on 4th January 1995, the baby of the family. She oozes love, has the waggiest tail and is the scruffiest mut ever. Katy never sulks, is always please to see us and is pretty useless as a guard dog as everyone is her bestest friend.

She never steals but don't put your cup or plate on the floor as then it becomes fair game. Note the evidence of tea drinking on her mucky little face.

Favorite occupation is digging, new shrubs don't stand a chance, no point in re-seeding the lawn as fresh soil is too good to be missed. When all else fails, Katy will dig in the pots and tubs in the garden.

She is very good a duffing up her toys and many many heads have been sewn back on, puddles of stuffing laying around are a frequent sign of guilt.