Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring and my Magnolia

I have always wanted a magnolia tree but have never had a garden big enough. Last year I found this one for sale, and had a 'must have' moment, even though my garden is even smaller due to the building of the studio. The blooms are a wonderful lift to the spirit, Spring is here.

Spring means the end of the permanent dreary grey sky, instead we have wind and rain showers but with blue skies too. Spring is also the time when our famers like to show the incomers what rural life is all about. The first bright sunny day and they all get out the muck spreading equipment and you would not believe the pong...

Quilt 2

I have to explain that GG is 5, a very girly girl and I thought that she would like a pink blanket for her doll. However I have been informed that baby Ashley is a boy and he doesn't like pink. His special request for green was turned down as I hate green and didn't have green fabric. GG then suggested a multi coloured blanket. So here it is. I romped ahead with the piecing, feeling quite proud of myself, but oh boy the quilting is baad! I quilted from the reverse and it took a bit of unpicking until I got the tension right, then I used the instant tie off on the machine. Of course this shows on the back, which in this case is the front and it doesn't look nice. I don't mind the wobbles so much, but I am not sure I have the stamina to hand tie and bury all the ends that would have been created stitching the circles. And with hindsight, it would have been better to sew those with the foot on.

I think I might have to make loads more of these little quilts before I embark on a bed sized quilt. Thankfully GG has many babies to look after and each one will need a blanket...

Sunday, March 08, 2009

quilts etc

I haven't been very creative since my studio went out of bounds, but I did have access to my sewing machine and a few fat quarters. I made 18 pin cushion baggies and yesterday I made this little quilt for GG to use in her dolls cot. It measures 17" x 14" and is as simple as can be.
I have only made one quilt before, full double bed sized and the only thing I was proud of was the fact that I finished it! It took so long to sew together that I forgot which pattern I was supposed to be doing. The stitching in the ditch missed the ditch in several places, the binding was awful, twisted and quite nasty. But I hung it on the wall behind the bed and it stayed there for several years. To be honest it just became part of the room and I stopped noticing it. This little one was a practice piece for The bed quilt I thought I might make for myself. I think I need more practice before I start on that ;)