Sunday, February 22, 2009

Textiles in Focus 2009

Textiles in Focus 2009 was fantastic. 100's of people came to see Sleaford Embroiderers' exhibition and most were enthusiastic. I had a lovely time basking in reflected glory :) It was worth every minute of stress and work organising our part. We even made some money to add to our group funds to offset the costs of future speakers.

Hi to everyone who came by and said hello.

I didn't have a huge amount of free time to look
around, but I did manage to pop into the traders
halls and found some fantastic value inspiration packs from the Fen Edge Community Association. All this for £10. I bought two and rushed back to the room to show everyone, there was a mass exodus of stewards as everyone dashed to buy some before they sold out.

Art Van Go had a new shape of sketchbook, 12inch x 6inch and I had to have a couple of those. I also bought some Jet FX inkjet transfer paper.
One of the best things about Textiles in Focus is that it is small enough to enjoy, with enough exhibits to be able to see without hurting my brain and just enough traders to strain the pocket without busting it. Everything is relevant to textiles and the worshops are a treat. The only quiet period we had on Saturday was during the lecture so that must be very popular.
I had one major panic. On Friday evening I carefully counted the cash we had taken during the day and put it in an envelope ready to hand over to our treasurer on Saturday evening. I couldn't find it anywhere. I drove over to Daphnes and owned up to having lost it. Then I remembered that Jean had called at 7.30 on Saturday morning to drop off some postcards she had made and I gave the envelope to her. I don't do mornings and Saturday was no exception.

Monday, February 09, 2009


I bought 2000 buttons on ebay. Inexpensive, bright plastic buttons. Put them into plastic jars so that I could see them and allow them to cheer me up. Instead of going to play with my beads when I am fed up, now I will go and play with my buttons instead :)

Did I mention it has been snowing here

I really wasn't going to do pictures of the snow, we all know what it looks like, but when it snowed again last night, I felt I needed to share my shivery self. I thought this picture would look better in black and white so I took it into PaintShopPro and changed it, it didn't look any different :)

You wouldn't expect to see a palm covered in snow. It isn't normally this cold where I live. No idea whether it will survive. But look at the neat pattern on the umberella stand, I wonder if it will rust?
P.S. My studio now has insulated walls, insulated floor with laminate over and is waiting to be painted. One day I will get this finished and be able to move my stuff back in. One day..