Monday, February 24, 2014

Going going

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Saturday, January 04, 2014


I had a little outing today, Julie Tina and I went to the ArtVanGo studio/shop.  Linda Monk and some of her friends were having a play day using a print table and a thermofax machine.  Linda had used xpandaprint through a thermofax screen onto lutradur, then burned away the lutradur to make wonderful textured pieces, these she glued to board to make collograph plates.  The prints from these are amazing, I couldn't believe the texture that was picked up in ink.  I want to do this using my mangle :)
hahahahahahaha! I wish.

The shop at ArtVanGo is too stuffed with goodies, I brought home the thermofax printing book plus some screen inks and screen medium.  The dvd enclosed with the book is inspirational but both Claire and Leslie warn of something they call Thermofax-itus, where you use the screens to the exclusion of other methods of putting colour onto cloth.  I can see the addiction of these screens.

Oh - I also brought home a thermofax machine and a roll of mesh.  I see a new addiction coming soon...