Saturday, September 29, 2012

the sun has got his hat on hip hip hooray

It was a lovely sunny day today so I took myself out to enjoy the fresh air.  Who knew what goodness you could find in an old graveyard?  Well to be honest Susan Lenz does amazing work using grave rubbings.  Anyway, today, as well as my camera, I took a couple of wax crayons and some cartridge paper with me. 

I soon realised that the heavily carved stones don't rub well, so concentrated on the text instead.  Isn't this fab?

It didn't take long to get a pile of inspirational pieces of paper.  These A4 sheets will be painted and no doubt 1/2 will be ruined but the beauty is, I can just go back and get some more.

Those who know me will understand how fast my heart beat when this image started to appear on the paper.  This beauty was carved on the back of a slate stone. 

Even the rubbings which didn't work well have interesting marks and once painted will make good pieces for collage.  I will definately be keeping crayons and paper in my 'go to' bag in future.

Friday, September 28, 2012

another bag made

C bought some fabric and a pattern at the FofQ, but when I got home I found the stuff in one of my bags.  Oh dear, I said, you left your bag stuff.  Hahahahahahaha

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

kit bag

When the muse disapears on holiday, I make a bag.  Finishing something cheers me up and one day I will make the perfect bag.  This one started as the Wacho Bag Kit from EuroJapan links
It isn't as long and narrow as it looks in the photo, there is a deep gusset.  It fits over my shoulder, has anice inside pocket and will be very useful.  In fact I am half way through making another :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

decorating and a little bit blurgh

I haven't done much to write about lately so I thought I would show you a couple of pics of stuff I did to decorate my newly painted bedroom earlier this year.  The walls are a lovely citrussy lemon, with soft furnishings in duck egg blue.

The printers tray was a bit damaged when I got it so I slapped some gesso on, then acrylic paint in white, with a bit of burnt umber mixed in.  It is screwed to the wall with mirror fixings.  It shows off part of my angel collection.

I started doing the Pintangle samples this year.  I didn't get very far but decided to make a display of the ones I did do.  There is narrow strip of wood at the back of the shelf, with fishing wire wrapped around it and then tied to the hoops.  I made the framed piece of reverse applique and beading around 20 years ago.  The little square panel was made by my friend Diane

I needed something to fill the long wall above the bed.  I had the long canvas but it was bright pink and didn't fit anywhere so I painted it with the same emulsion as the walls and sewed the embellished jeans pockets on.  I put some treasures into the pockets.

I didn't make this pocket, it was a gift from Rachel and was made using the embellisher and enhanced with stuff :)

The weather has turned and I feel inclined to hibernate.  Sleepy and dopey and not feeling like doing much of anything except whine.  That's not the blurgh part of the blog.  Oh no, the blurgh is on account of the half box of Thorntons Fabulous Vanilla Fudge that I just ate.  The first 11 pieces were wonderful but I wish I hadn't eaten the 12th .......

Monday, September 17, 2012

St Wulfram

A bit old, a bit ancient and a bit nearly new.

St Wulfram Grantham (Lincolnshire, England) was built in Saxon times, re-built by the Normans, added to until the 15th century and then 'improved' by the Victorians. 

Two doors high on the walls seem a little incongruous, turn around and look at the doorway

and it is clear that some alterations have occured somewhere back in time.  The lovely arched doorway was hacked at in order to build an extra level, the 'new' floor has long gone though. 

This little door shows part of the Victorian alterations, see the pipework?

those ugly pipes lead to these

not just any old pipes in this church

 memorial plaque on the wall

Stone carving on the door to the crypt

Gorgeous gold work

Across the road from the church, this door

There are amazing doors with graceful ironwork, carvings galore, the textiles are a mix of old and new and beautiful.  The stonework has the orignal mason's marks. Pattern everhwhere.  I will be going back again

Saturday, September 01, 2012

busy bizzy

I collected my friends from the airport and drove to Stonehenge.  Then to Salisbury.  Glastonbury.  Lincoln.  Spalding and Crowland. Birmingham (and Coventry).  Saltaire and Skipton.  Howarth.  York.  I took them back to Heathrow and said goodbye.  And now I am a bit sad.


Next month I will be going to Ally Pally with baby daughter.  Then to Harrogate with my big girl.  Then in December I am off on an adventure with to Marrakech. 

Not all doom and gloom then :)