Monday, August 25, 2008

Wild Woman

This little lady was needlefelted (by hand), stitched and beaded whilst I was at OMAR this spring. I added the hands and brooch back today. Another WIP finished.

Weaving with copper and beads atc

I love weaving with copper. The background is paper with distressed scrim, painted with acrylic paint. I think this atc needs something more, but am not sure what to add.

Silk paper atc's

I made some silk paper ages ago and put it somewhere safe. I found it yesterday, carefully rolled inside something else! The blue pieces are bits of a silk rod which I dyed using procion. I re-wet the rod and split it into 8 slices. I used a cotton variagated yarn to do a little free machining and couldn't resist adding some of my huge stash of colourful buttons.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

beaded doll

This little doll is 4 inches high. She was a real labour of love, made for my mother in law. I have borrowed her back so that she can appear at the exhibition next month. Beading these little dolls is a pleasure, they take ages but are worth the effort. They are very heavy, lovely and tactile and by the time I have finished making one, they have character and personality. It is very hard to let them go :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This is a small part of a landscape that I am currently working on. The challenge at Sleaford Embroiderers this year is 'on the waterfront'. Each member is to make a piece the same size, same title but we can interpret in any way. Use any techniques. I got out my embellisher and had a play. These waterfront pieces will be on display at the exhibition in September.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

David Drummond

David Drummond of Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh, 0131 539 7766 has been supplying machinery to me for years. They never let me down, if they say it will be delivered tomorrow, then it is. If they don't have it in stock, they say so. They are fantastic and if you don't have a local sewing machine dealer, then keep David in mind.

So Bernina clonked. I do abuse it and I know it should be serviced more often. But I always need it. Anyway DD have a system where they will send a courier to collect the machines, repair it and then deliver it back. No charge, it is covered in the cost of the service. So Bernie has gone for a little holiday and I have a new baby to play with. This time I bought the good old workhorse, the 1008. With any luck it won't clonk for a long time. I have already managed to break a needle. sigh.

I walked my legs off

I learned how to do needle weaving. You can't see the feet, but they are there, attached to the legs with their 'varicose veins'. You can see a better pic of the legs here
The fabric is my usual hand-dyed, I stencilled some leaves using Markal (Shiva) paintstick, then free machined a couple of leaves, the rest are woven. I would have fme'd more but my machine clonked and had to go to be serviced/repaired.
If you would like to see this piece in real life along with other stuff I have done and loads of fab embroideries, you can. Sleaford Embroiderers will be exhibiting in the roof gallery at The Hub in Sleaford from the 4th to the 14th September.