Saturday, May 26, 2012

round robin

Do you remember this ?  Real life issues meant that it has taken longer than we planned to send the circles round but we have now quartered them and the first stitching is done.
I got quite attached to mine, did some simple stitching but I wanted to do more and more.  I had to confiscate it and seal it into the envelope ready for posting, but the temptation to take it back out and do more is pretty strong. 

I can do straight stitches, and french knots, you wouldn't believe how self disciplined I had to be not to put knots in the centre of those six pronged thingies. 

sunshine on a roll

I know, masking tape is masking tape and it doesn't matter what colour it is, (although I usually buy the blue stuff) but who could resist lovely bright yellow tape - not me :)  For anyone interested I got mine in B & Q and they also have green.  And yes, I did buy a roll of that too. 

9 x 9

Over at clothpaperstudio we are having an atc swap, nine of us took a number from 1 to 9 and made a stamp.  I bagged the number 9 or IX if you like Roman Numerals.
I sprayed creative colour spray from craftynotions onto watercolour paper, then stamped using a copper stamp pad, my own carved rubber stamp.  Then I made 8 more.
Come back to see what the other atc's look like