Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Introducing Kizzie

Kizzie came home with us today. She came in, ate two bowls of kibbles, had a wee on the floor, explored, played for a while and then fell asleep on with her head on E's lap. We are in love.

Kizzie is 7 weeks old, a second generation labradoodle.

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Patchwork Throw

I need to dedicate this post to all those out there who make patchwork quilts. It isn't easy and I raise my hat to you. I thought the disapearing 9 patch looked easy enough for me to have a go at. Some of the photos were taken using artificial light and some with natural, the true colour of the fabrics is somewhere between the two.

I carefully measured and cut 81 5" squares and sewed them into 9 patch blocks. There was a little unpicking and one or two naughty words, but I got my 9 blocks. 5 of one style and 4 of the other. Then I cut them into quarters and rotated each piece 45 degrees clockwise. I had to do a bit of trimming and juggling the pieces about until I could sucessfully sew the pieces back together to make new blocks.

This is what the first block looks like cut, rotated and sewn back together. Below is the second block.

It is easy to see that these blocks will need to be squared up and I hope that after that the seems will match. If they do then I will sew them together sort of like this. The greyish blocks will be needing something to help them to integrate and I may free machine stitch some Klimpt like trees on those, or something.

If I can't get the seems to line up properly, I will a) say something rude and b) attempt to rearrange the blocks so that it doesn't show too much.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Phone calls from heaven

Occasionally I get these wonderful phone calls from GG and E. Last week gg rang and said "today I did singing at the cathedral and I am narrator number 6 at school that's the bit where they go no room and I am going to marry Jesus or I might just kiss him." E is a little older, he told me that teachers invented homework to ruin kid's weekend and anyway, he knows everything already.

Being a grand-ma is the best job in the world :)