Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More puppy stuff

Kizzie asleep in her favorite spot.

Today we introduced Kizzie to her new red harness. We couldn't agree on which way up it went, Kizzie thought it was a horse harness and grabbed it like a 'bit', she managed to squeeze both legs into one slot and then half ran and half hopped off. Even so she managed to out run both of us, partly I imagine because we were laughing so much at our ineptness and the ease which Kizzie out manouvered us. When we finally caught up with her and got it off, she trounced off and threw herself into her bed. If she could have slammed the door, she would have.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

morning pics

My being outdoors in the mornings is a rare thing. Yesterday I was out picking up doo, and trying to take a photo of Kizzie playing with her plantpot when I noticed the dew on my fir trees. It looked like the fairys had been and hung gorgeous baubles on the tree in the night.

The sun was shining and I thought the different colours in this corner were worth showing, the rusty bird has been there for years, it wasn't that colour when I planted it.

This little fir tree had dew baubles and tiny frosted cobwebs, you might need to click to enlarge the pic to see it in all it's glory.
It was worth being up early and you know, I might just do it again :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Slave labour

Only 10 weeks old and they have me doing the washing up already!

And the dusting.

Sometimes Kizzie gets herself into a bit of a pickle and needs help. She meows like a kitten and I go running. Kizzie managed to get upstairs very well by herself but couldn't get back down. After the third time I had to go and carry her back down I gave in and organised the gate.
p.s. I did run the dishwasher on a very hot wash once we fished Kizzie whizz out. Maybe next time someone will remember not to leave it open....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kizzie whizz

My little dog has grown so much in just two weeks. She isn't a shy little thing anymore. Kizzie now asks to go outside to do her doos, she doesn't like squatting in the grass to do number ones though, she comes inside and does that on newspaper. All in good time :)

Kizzie sits for a treat and gives paw for another. I tried to teach her 'down' for a treat, but that hasn't quite worked yet, I lay down to show her what I wanted so she jumped on me, grabbed my hair for a chew and generally caused mayhem. I put that down to trainer error.

Sleaford Embroiderers at The Hub

I went to see this exhibition yesterday. There were some lovely pieces of work, some innovitive, some I wanted to take home with me.

Mary Elmer's free machine embroidery is always awesome and she has a few pieces on display. This has strips of free machine embroidery mounted onto a painted background with net branches.

There were several pieces on show which were started at a workshop using hand made silk paper as the base. The pic on the right is Daphne Beever's "Fragment of an Elizebethan Garment" was lovely, another amazing piece from this selection is Rosemary Howe's "Cow Parsley", close up below.

The others were equally lovely and each one was different as the group members chose their own themes.

The challenge this time was to make a small piece of embroidery based on an item of news using only black, white and shades of grey. These made a fantastic display and it would be worth visiting the exhibition just to see these. My apologies for the poor photograph of the newsreel pieces.

Saturday, January 09, 2010


I haven't done much the last few days except play with Kizzie, pick up poo and tried to get pics of her. Not easy as awake she is like grease lightening and refuses to pose for me. This is a pretty good image showing her real colouring, she has very light green/gazel eyes.

She likes the snow as long as her two back paws stay indoors, it tastes good :)

Life is exciting, yesterday Kizzie was allowed in the living room and she loved exploring, the coffee table was her favorite place.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Snowy Lincolnshire

It snowed. So! you might say, but this is a big thing here and the snow caused utter chaos because we drove over it and compacted it, then the roads became one huge ice rink. Not too much of a problem where I live because the land is flat but we went to Yorkshire for christmas and it isn't even a bit flat there. So we spent an entertaining afternoon watching cars trying to drive up the road outside C's house, knowing that we had to do the same later. Eventually, with Claire steering and B+H pushing, the car was moved. The following day we all left our cars at the top of the road.

If you click on the pic, you will see a large image, notice the penguin sitting outside my door? It's my Easter Island Man. I like the patterns the snow made on the ground, especially the ones where cars have driven over.

My pc coughed it's final breath on the 23rd so I went shopping on boxing day and bought a new one. I managed to set it up and connect to the internet, (I am proud of that) thanks to my big bro I now even have sound but my printer won't work with windows7 until new drivers are written. Who needs a printer anyway ;)