Friday, July 13, 2007

Embellished and dyed. I did a little experiment, I embellished a load of white bits of stuff onto a base of white pre-felt then dyed it using acid dyes in the microwave. The different fibres sucked up the dye in different ways so I now have a textured base to stitch into. I used a combination of pink, turquoise and violet dyes.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Not a Saint. Just my dad.

I have never hand quilted before, so the quilting is a bit rough and now I wish I had hand stitched the gold circle into place. Live and learn.

The base is hand dyed cotton, overlaid with printed silk organza. Gold silk circle added. Then I printed onto t-shirt paper, bonded that onto cotton and hand stitched it into place. I coloured the t-shirt print with watercolour paint. I backed the piece with some hand dyed cotton and slip stitched it into place on the front. Can't decide whether to embellish this some more or leave it and make another.