Sunday, April 17, 2011

Marti Pellow in Jekyll & Hyde

Me and Claire went to see Jekyll & Hyde on Friday.  Wet Wet Wet were Claire's number two favorite band when she was a young teen (sorry boys, but George Michael won her heart first).  This was always going to be a special treat but extra nice because I was poorly last week.In a small provincial theatre, I had no expectations, but OMGoodness. Marti Pellow can sing!  The whole of the cast were first rate, top class stonkingly good.
There were no bells or whistles with the set, nothing to distract from the excellent performances. Except for the script being displayed on two electronic boards either side of the stage.  It was possible to have half an eye on the board and the other one and a half on the stage though.  I didn't spot many differences in what should have been said/sung to what was written :)
This is not a jolly musical, it has dark themes and dark mischief.  At one quite dramatic point, the words on the board said "music builds to crescendo" and I couldn't help myself - I giggled just as a throat was slit.  Of course I suppressed it, but then with shoulders shaking and a slight bouncing up and down, I snorted.  The woman behind me had seen the same thing, I could hear her giggling.  Claire looked at me and started.  The woman sat the other side of me, glanced over just as tears of trying not to laugh started to leak, she started to snigger too.  We all managed to get control of ourselves just in time for the dramatic climax.

We clapped as the cast took their bow.  One or two got a cheer and a whistle too.  Then Marti walked onto the stage.  We stood, we clapped, there were whistles, a true standing ovation.  And Marti cracked a grin of pleasure.  Now we cheered, we stamped, we clapped, we whistled and shouted and he laughed.  A true Marti Pellow smile.  The women in the audience looked at each other and grinned.  We were happy, he had made our day.  We didn't get an encore though :(

Honestly, Marti can sing, very well.  The duet of Lucy and Emma was as good as anything I have ever heard. I would go again without hesitation.  If you get the chance, go.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Trying to draw again

I bought a copy of this book, from Amazon I am ever hopeful that I will miraculously be able to draw once I get my hands on a new book.  Hahaha

I disregarded the instructions in the first chapter and attempted to draw my own dogs instead.  Here are two quick sketches (that took me all day to do!).  I think I have captured the curly scruffy essence of Murphy and hopefully some of the delightful hairyness of Kizzie Whizz.

He is white, curly, scruffy, with most of his beady black eyes covered by curls and he has an adorable little brown nose.

Kizzie is milk chocolate coloured but has a blonde face.  She has a beautiful heart shaped nose.  A very scruffy dood, with long hair on her face and ears and curls in places.

I am going back to the book now and will follow the instructions this time.  Cats though, I have never looked at cats, except when they are running away from one or the other of my dogs.  I have no idea what I think they look like :)