Tuesday, July 30, 2013

arty day

I have E staying with me this week.  He likes to do an arty project so today he painted and printed a canvas. (I found a huge stash of big bubble wrap stashed in E's dads car boot.  I may have 'borrowed a couple of pieces)  Then E ran some card through my big shot using one of Tim Holtz's cutting dies.  We tried one or two colourways and E decided he like the aged rusted look, he dabbed teal paint on first, then went over with copper.  

My main input is to let him use my equipment and stash...and I get to clear up! 

Watching E use those gorgeous colours gave me the urge to colour some fabric.  Well, that and the fact that I am teaching on Friday and needed some silk

The smaller jars sitting in the microwave contain silk habitai.  The larger tubs have cotton poplin.  I used procion dyes and all are happily batching overnight.  The microwave is an old one used solely for dying, although on this occasion I only used it for storage. 

We had the most spectacular sunset, one glorious blue sky with many more pinks than my camera can capture.  Even the sky supports my colour choices today :)


Thursday, July 25, 2013

sneak peek

After many false starts and new beginnings, I finally decided it was done and mailed my first ever entry to the Festival of Quilts.  I am not sure whether I am allowed to show it on the net so am only giving a sneak peek for now.  I now have to wait for the judges comments and hope that they are not too critical. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Alicia Merrett day

Alicia Merrett came to a local quilt group and there were spaces so I booked and I am very
glad I did.  In the morning we did free form cutting and joining, although mine wasn't as 'free' as I would have liked. 

In the afternoon I learned how to do those itsy bitsy inserts.  These pieces are around 5 inches high. We would normally have done much more but it was so hot, the irons and sewing machines didn't help to cool the room either. 

I love these techniques and have already a project in mind once I finish the one I am supposed to making for the Festival of Quilts.  I do love a new technique :)

Monday, July 15, 2013

twisted bowl class

Teaching is such a pleasure, I get to share things I know (and boss people around!)  The
women who signed up for the twisted bowl class really excelled themselves.

This is Annette, always fun and since I met her at Stitchcraft we have become good friends.  She does wear strange things on her head sometimes ;)

I pinched this pic from the Stitchcraft web site, I didn't have time to take photos on the day, I do tend to run around like a headless chicken.. Didn't everyone do fantastic?