Thursday, June 28, 2012


It was a lovely morning so we decided to go to the beach.  We spent a lovely couple of hours playing with the dogs. I saw a lovely bright rock just as B said "if the kids were here we would be taking that home".  Luckily I am a responsible owner and always carry poo bags ;) 

We had a bit of an adventure on the way home involving dogs and vomit and the nastiest thunder and lightening and heaviest rain I have seen since I was a child. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

football versus watching video

Blooming football.  Happily Interweave (aka Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors magazines) have a sale and many of their workshop videos are available for less than $6 around £4, so I have splurged and spent a happy couple of hours watching and learning.  I got the download versions so I don't have to wait for the post to arrive :)
Happy days

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

when I am old I will sniff shower gel and stuff

I was in Boots buying hand cream and needed a little something to bring the basket total up so that I could claim the extra points.  I wandered over to the shower gel and saw a pretty coloured bottle.  I lifted the cap for a sniff but couldn't smell anything so gave the bottle a gentle squeeze whilst simultaneosly sniffing.  Who knew the bottle would be so soft?  I inhaled shower gel, instinctively snorted it out again and it flew down my front. My immediate response was to magic a hole to disapear into, but that didn't happen and I did consider quietly putting the bottle back and casually sloping off pretending I didn't have shower gel all down my t-shirt, but glanced up and saw Claire's horrified expression.  I laughed, she started giggling and we ended up marching away laughing and sniggering like teenagers.  Followed by a real teenager who hadn't a clue.  They don't make grand-mas like they used to :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I have not been quite keeping up with the TAST challenge, but am not so far behind now. 
Here is my Wheatear stitch sample

Buttonhole stitch

Fly stitch.  Ok..ok I just loved this piece of fabric and wanted to use it without distracting from the dyed marks. 

Chain stitch


I am struggling with alternating barred chain and 'chevron' has a naughty word in front of it at the moment!

My samples are still in the hoops as that is how I plan to display some of them.  Doesn't seem much point in doing them and not showing them off.

Friday, June 01, 2012

68 sleeps

9 weeks and 5 days or 50 sleeps until the grand adventure begins

edited to say - when I say 9 weeks and 5 days = 50 sleeps, I was taking into account the sleepless nights (from excitement).

Or I could have got my sums wrong ;)

Stitch Cloth Shimmer & Shine

I was waiting to see the book before I decided whether I needed it on my shelf, funds being what they are.  But I couldn't wait any longer and treated myself to an early birthday present.  It came today and I am sat here with tears in my eyes and a huge lump in my throat. 
The book is a must have for anyone who likes playing around with mixed media stuff, or textiles, or stitching or even who likes to look at great artwork beautifully photographed and with close ups.  Sarah never held back with information and this is no exception.  The inside book cover has a picture of Sarah, with her lovely smile.  
I was talking with some friends recently, and we were laughing about the stuff we have in our cupboards that Sarah 'made' us buy.  Her enthusiam was infective but her creativity was awesome.