Friday, July 13, 2012

crafty notions

I saw Tina yesterday and she showed me some rainbow dyed pre-felt that Trudi had introduced her to.  Of course Tina had ordered some from crafty notions but I decided to go and buy it at the unit. 

They had a rather nice multi blue coloured one too :)

Upstairs at the unit there is a small gallery with lots of Sarah's work on Display, her felt was always wonderful and innivotive, Sarah taught me to felt at a workshop with the Chelmsford Embroiderers Guild many years ago. 

This felt bag is not just any old felt bag :)

There were felt vessels and these scrummy felt ladies

And of course who could forget Sarah's whimsical Wild Women 

If you go to the unit, don't forget to ask to see the exhibition.  They also have a 'specials' room with loads of goodies on sale at extra-ordinary prices.  If you don't ask what I spent, I won't have to lie ;)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

more cubes part 2

I have done some more work on the cubes

Friday, July 06, 2012

more cubes

I am making cubes for a swap over at CPS yahoo group  These are the beginnings of my cubes, ready for stitching.  For once I am not late - yet.

one I did earlier

A few years ago the challenge at the Lincolnshire Embroiderers Guild was to make a sampler of canvas work stitches.  I didn't want to make a conventional sampler so instead made this.  I stitched onto rug canvas using cotton warping thread.  Glued tissue paper over and then painted and gilded the samples.  They are mounted on childrens building blocks each around 4cm each side.  I showed off my carpentry skills (!!!!) by making the box to display them in

The judge of the challenge wasn't impressed.