Sunday, April 08, 2007

Workshop with Pam Watts

One Day Workshop with Pam Watts, using cold water disolvables. Sleaford Embroiderers meet at the Hub in Sleaford and we have some excellent tutors come to teach us. We meet once a month and have tutors approx 5 times a year.

Pam is a lovely tutor, with a merry sense of humour so any workshop with her is a pleasure. This was no exception and although we all worked really hard, we laughed a lot too.

I was doing my health and safety expert impression and managed to stab myself with the sewing machine needle. That will teach me to wave my arms around willy nilly. Of course I was using a microtex extra sharp needle and to my embarrasment I managed to bleed on the lady-sat-next-to-me's disolvable fabric.

I free machined a leaf shape. Wet the disolvable and dripped silk paint onto it. When it dried I had these pieces. Hard to see in the picture but they are a little 3 dimensional with the ends of the leaves curling up from the paper.

Some of my leaves are the 'wrong' colour and look a bit dodgy but if I turn them upside down and add a little face and a halo I will have some very nice little angels!

After lunch we chopped up some scraps of fabric and placed them between two layers of disolvable and using a hoop, free machined. When I disolved this I draped it over a jam jar and left it to dry.

I like the rough edges and the scraps of shiny fabric, not to everyone's taste. Maybe next I will make one with tidy edges and some nice lace. Maybe.

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Sue B said...

Sounds like a fun class. Just found your blog this morning Wendy. I'm enjoying getting caught up on everything that you've been working on.