Monday, January 07, 2008

What makes an artist an artist?

Darned if I know. Do the critics decide? Do the people you sell your work to confirm your status? But what about those great Artists who never sold work in their own lifetime?

Am I an artist? Or a wannabe? I know that I like creating and I often create a mess. I occasionally make something that I like. I have my fans, encouraging mentors and detractors. I have doubts. I throw stuff in the bin. I work endlessly to create the effect I want, I rarely achieve this. Does this mean that I will never be considered a real artist?

Miro is one of those artists who is endlessly copied. Badly. Yet he never sold a work, he gave it all away. He had enough faith in himself to continue to create and also to encourage others. I wouldn't mind being a 'Miro'.


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Phyl said...

A great huge, resounding YES!!!, dear one. You ARE an artist/artiste and do not feel otherwise.If anyone tells you differently, send them to ME! I LOVE your artwork!