Monday, June 02, 2008

Shibori/Indigo samples

This is cotton poplin, folded in half lenthways and tied onto a pole diagonally. Then squished and pushed to the top of the pole.

This piece of silk habitai was a folded concertina, lay onto the pipe and tied tightly with string, but not squished. The parts which were nearest to the plastic take up less dye than the more exposed bits.

The traditional larch pattern. I used a stencil placed on the fold of the fabric and then stitched five rows, pulled really tightly.

This circle is my favorite piece. I drew around a bowl
onto fabric then stitched lines from one side to the other,
pulled the stitching tight and tied off.
Four squares, easier than it looks, I used a stencil placed on the folds of the fabric, stitched following the lines.
I realised that one of the most important ingredients of shibori is the thread. It must be reasonable fine so as not to leave holes in the fabric, but really strong so that it doesn't break when pulled really tightly. My most successful samples were stitched using the nylon thread that Jane Callender sells.


janene said...

These are beautiful. Every single one. Janene

Purple Missus said...

I totally agree with Janene, they are beautiful. I would love to have a go at 'proper' Indigo dyeing but it looks to be a very complicated process. But the end result looks to be well worth it.

Doreen K. said...

They are all absolutely beautiful.
Great job.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Beautiful results.