Sunday, May 22, 2011

Taster class

I went to the Wool Day at unique cottage studios and embarked on a taster session with David at strawberryglass
I chose 5 pieces of glass offcuts and arranged them.  Then we smoothed the edges, applied copper foil and soldler.  As easy as that!  Hahaha.  With some repair help from David, I managed the piece opposite.  The design faults are mine.  I need lots of practice but I do like soldering so will make sure I get plenty.


:Diane said...

Your joins and edges look good overall. What are you dismayed about? The only distraction for me is the middle left edge of the gold. Could you wrap another piece of glass and soldier it on top of that area? Did you cut all those fancy shapes? Or were you offered scraps to choose from? Cutting seems like the hard part of the process.

Julie said...

You did very well Wendy. I shall look forward to seeing more. Hope you enjoyed the whole day.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I like! It's beautiful.