Sunday, July 03, 2011

Book bag and Momoyama holdall

I bought a mans pure wool overcoat in a charity shop recently.  I really enjoyed taking it apart and have a nice pile of black wool and some buttons for next to nothing.  I used some to make this book bag.  It has long handles so it can be thrown over the shoulder and a magnetic closure.  It is a present for someone.

A friend recommended this book.  She loves Japanese fabrics whilst I am forever on the search for a good bag pattern.  I made the Hoko bag a while ago, this time I had a go at the Momoyama holdall. 

Making the pieced panel took ages, (mostly because I couldn't make up my mind which fabrics to use).  But the instructions are easy to follow and the bag works.  I will make more of these because I can see they will be useful. 


Julie said...

The bag looks good Wendy. I shall be making my version on Thursday at the cricket club. I suppose I ought to start sorting my fabrics out. Did you find any problems with the pattern? A friend said she had started it and thought the pattern was wrong but yours looks fine.

Rachel Murphree said...

The man's wool purse is classy and wonderful. well done!

Aussie Jo said...

Gorgeous wool bag, did you use a pattern? Might have to check out the Op Shops this week. I had a laugh when I read your profile-sound like me!!!