Friday, December 16, 2011

the start of something else

pretty boring ah?  This is just the beginning of a round robin, four of us are going to pass work around until we either finish or get bored.   We are working on fire, air earth, fire, and water.  I bagged fire of course.  The grand plan is to chop each piece into four and sew them back together then send them round again for embellising.  We can't wait to get to that part :)
This is a piece of hand dyed cotton, with a 'hoop' of the painted silk velvet from a couple of posts back.  I don't know whether I will keep any of the blue once it is completed, but for now it cheers me up on a dreary grey day.
Watch this space for updates.. 

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sweetypie said...

that looks like really good fun, hope your going to show all the stages