Monday, January 09, 2012

band sampler

This is the other project that I started this week. It measures 27cm wide and is randomly (and not so straightly) joined from scraps of denim, linen and cotton.  I have pinned some pieces of old lace and a few bits of wool felt with a view to embellishing.  I hope the sampler will represent my ancestors in some way.  The final piece will be attached to a pianola roll - (I bought those years ago especially for this project and forgot where I put them, they re-surfaced whilst I was looking for something else recently.)  We never owned a pianola but did have an upright piano, violin, multiple brass band instruments and a piano accordian.  I never learned how to play any of them, I don't seem to 'hear' what everyone else does.  I was in the school choir but was told to mime........


Anonymous said...

You'll be putting a few flies on this?

Linda said...

Hello good to meet someone so local. This is a great idea and I really like your colour scheme. Clever play on words too ;-)!!
Rather intrigued as to how you'll display it on a pianola roll though?

I will be back to see! :-)