Monday, February 20, 2012

Letting Go. My first journal quilt ever

I joined the Journal Quilt challenge with the Contemporary Quilt Guild UK.  The first four quilts have to be mostly red and I knew I had a couple of red dresses in my stash which, even if I could get into (I can't), I could never wear again as what looks ok on a slender 30 year old, would never do on a podgy grey haired old dear!
It was time to let go. 
The quilt is A4 sized, 11.5" x 8" and has the beaded crochet backed with commercial cotton and batting.  Once I did the hand stitching I backed it with more commercial cotton and 'tied' the quilt together using buttons back and front.  The backing fabric was folded over to the front and slip stitched into place.  I may add extra stitching on the border. 
The stitching was influenced by my friend Tina who uses lovely bright colours and free exuberant stitches. 


Rachel Murphree said...

Wendy, this is gorgeous! good for you for letting go, joining the challenge, and producing such a lovely piece of work. I trust it'll be there when I'm there so I can see it in person?

Julie said...

I seem to have missed a few of your posts, not sure how. This is beautiful, well done you! Definite Tina influence here ;-)