Monday, August 06, 2012

bleddy internet

All I wanted to do was add international calls to my bt phone line. 

I went on-line and tried to access our mybt account.  Nope.  The log in name was ok but the password wouldn't work.  I don't recall changing it but whatever...  I did the re-set thing, answered the secret question and it sent the password reminder to my old defunct e-mail address.

So I went to the online help.  What!!!!!

Eventually I was connected to someone who went through everything and reset the password to our bt email address.  Except I couldn't remember the password to that either :(

After a little frustration (ie ranting) I managed to get a temporary password for the email account and hurray?

Nope.  No message, clearly the operator had sent the reminder to the old address, the one which I lost when I switched internet providers.......

3 hours I spent altogether. 

Several phone calls. 

Lots of pressing one for this and 3 for that.  I eventually spoke to a nice gentleman who was very helpful but his pc was running slowly and in the middle of our conversation he put me on hold whilst he did a re-start.  However the temporary password did turn up in my in-box.

I went to use it and got the message that my account was locked  !*&&&!* (or words to that effect.)

I wasn't happy by this time.  Even though I could hear our National Anthem playing on the tele, and I should have been absolutely delighted that 'we' have wonder another gold medal,  I admit I threw a strop and slammed the door. 

HE calmly picked up the phonebook.  Rang the number.  Spoke to a real person.  And within two minutes had got the addition to the phone line. 

I said "thank you" (sort of).

I am now happy.  I have the call package I want.  We have won another gold medal and I am thrilled to bits for the athlete, I do have pride in our National Anthem and I nearly know the words now it has been sung so often lately.....;) 

I am not going to try to access mybt.  Not for a few weeks by which time I will have forgotten the password again.....

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