Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Exciting news

Well, it is exciting for me anyway.  I have managed to persuade the lovely ladies at stitchcraftstudio to allow me to tutor some quick and easy classes.  I will be teaching at some of the 'Fun Friday' sessions.  First one is this Friday and is already full.   Yeh (imagine a little hop and skip). 

If you haven't heard of Stitchcraft, they are based in Grantham, Lincolnshire and have a shop, cafe and workshops.  Everyone is welcome, good quality advice is given freely, without pressure to buy anything.  But they have such a huge selection of fabric and stuff that is is almost impossible to walk out without a little something :) 

Wish me luck

Edited to add that the class went really well, everyone worked hard and we produced 9 great baggies.  I have a photo but it is on my phone and I can't find the cable, but Julie has posted a great pic here 


Julie said...

You didn't need luck Wendy, it was fun and we learned! What more could you want? Cake, maybe!

Wendy said...

Cake would have been nice, maybe next time :) I did think of bringing sweeties for anyone who finsihed their baggie, which would be everyone...