Tuesday, February 12, 2013

brooch or decoration for a bag?

I spent a happy couple of hours making these today.  A few scraps of fabric, some net and free machine embroidery. 

I made this bag before I was ill, but it needed finishing and I did this today too.

I enjoyed doing the embroidery on this too.  The bag was made from the back of one leg of an old pair of jeans.  The strip was made from tiny scraps of fabrc and the button was made from pine nut (I think) and  came from South America.

This is another project from before that I finished yesterday.  I am definately enjoying the fme-ing at the moment :)


Sue said...

You ARE on a roll. Lovely stuff - I especially like the denim bag.

Julie said...

Loved seeing all these today and I'm looking forward to having a go at making the 'Kindle' bag.

sweetypie said...

co.mpletelty addorable

Anonymous said...

Great Ideas :)
I love the fabric brooches and the desgn you added to the bag :)