Thursday, March 21, 2013

happy dancing

Who would ever believe it?  My little copper thingies on the front page of Stitch Magazine.  Not me that's for sure.  Until I saw it.  My heart did a funny fluttery thing, I felt a grin widening across my face and then I did a little skip. 

It is a fabulous issue, great articles and a free book offer, and it has me on the front cover ;)


Rachel Murphree said...

WOWSER!!!!!!!!!! So proud for you!


Hello Wendy Congratulation on the cover art creation. I would be doing a Happy Dance too. IS this the most recent issue?? I will have to make sure I get this issue. Hugs Judy

suzyred said...

Fantastic, I have a subscription to Stitch so got that article, thought I might be able to make similar on other items like card or plastic cut from plastic milk cartons as I don't have the wire and and not good at fiddling with wire.I didn't realise it was you though love the needle lace on it.