Saturday, June 15, 2013

Two grey bags

I had a request for a bag to carry an ipad around in.  The grey tartan was chosen but the
rest was left to me.   As I have been making messenger bags recently for a class, that is what I did. 

  But then I thought, why not make another, slightly different.  So I did.  This one has multiple carry straps so it can be a hand-bag or a shoulder bag.    I can't help thinking it needs a rosette or something, it looks a bit plain.

I do like this second bag, I suspect there will be more like this in my future


Anonymous said...

Nice, and very appropriate for an office, because of the subdued color scheme. The second bag is my favorite.

sweetypie said...

yeah I like it too very grown up.....and I love the yellow dyeing wahooooooooo,