Friday, July 18, 2008


I have been playing with Grilon thread this week ready for a workshop tomorrow in Lincoln. This was supposed to be a piece of bark but it looks more like a squashed spider in this pic.

The second one has a light coloured chain stitch running through the middle, didn't notice that when I was laying out the fibres.

This was going to be a mythical creature but it kinda reminds me of a road runner, so I will give it some nice long legs and call it "beep beep". I actually saw a road runner recently whilst driving through New Mexico, so this one can be a nice reminder of my fab holiday.


Purple Missus said...

Great samples and love the 'road runner'.
Have you used the Grilon thread with the knitting machine yet?

Wendy Coyne said...

I used a dissolving thread years ago when I was felting/fulling machine knits, so much easier than knitting the slits using hold position. Not done much on the knitting machine lately although I did recently upgrade my DK6, this winter will be a good time to revisit.