Saturday, November 22, 2008

Harrogate K&S Part 3

I took three classes over the two days, the first was 'Bold and Lacy' with Jean Draper. We used sticky water soluable fabric, lay stuffed ribbon down then covered it with a lightweight film disolvable. I have joined the ribbons with stitch and now it needs loads of extra bits and stitching and embellishing etc. The sticky soluable is expensive but I can see why it is raved about. It saves all the tacking that you normally have to do for needle lace.

Alysn Midgelow-Marsden's one hour workshop was 'Revealing and Concealing'. Alysn sets a frantic pace and first we painted some gauze fabric. Whilst that was drying we used texture plates and sand paper to texture a piece of printer photograph paper, painted it and set it aside to dry. Whilst that was drying, we ironed ink jet prints onto cotton fabric, we distressed those too with our sand paper. Back to the photo paper, another texture plate, more sanding and painted again. By now the gauze was dry so we ironed fuse fx over it. We managed to blow the fuses in the room and the technician came and confiscated 1/2 of the irons.

The various pieces were torn and collaged together and finished with a piece of copper tape. It will need some stitching to finish but goodness what a lot we did in one hour.

Linda Westerman's workshop was 'Angels 2008' - I made this rather dishevelled little angel. Unfinished of course, and her halo is missing, but she is just the kind of angel I like :)


Diane said...

Could you dissolve some bits of dissolvable into a dish of water and paint that on to the arranged yarns laid out on another piece of dissolvable or dip them and then arrange them?
The yarn angel idea has been around about a million years but your colors make it fun. Did you pay for that class??? ;o)
The other class with the blown fuses sounds much more fun to me and the piece you did started is great!

Rachel Murphree said...

Love the angel...she's adorable and brought a smile to my face. perfect as she is! the 1 hour piece is incredible. really really cool. Is this water soluble sticky stuff what Jan Beaney uses? I think we talked about it before... I'm SO jealous of your time there. stamping my foot....admittedly not as tiny as yours but still....I WANT TO GO!

Anonymous said...

The angel is adorable! :-)