Saturday, November 22, 2008

Knitting and Stitching show part 2

I was very restrained this time and didn't buy nearly as many books as I wanted. I have a few in my wish list for later though :)

I had to buy this issue of Embroidery magazine as it has some great articles, including one about Ruth Issett's Connected with Colour exhibition. Ruths work is amazing, this body of work is uplifting and full of joy. I have spent many hours watching Ruth demonstrating over the years and recognised some of the pieces, it is good to see them finished and properly displayed. It also has a piece about Jan and Jeans 'Seeing double' exhibition, which is also at the K&S show.

My favorite exhibition this year was 'Art Cloth', and I had to buy the Paper and Metal Leaf Lamination book, and the cd book. (Also two thermofax screens and a set of printing inks!). The book explains many methods of getting images onto cloth, and is worth every penny. I had a lovely chat with Claire Benn, she was so generous with information about her processes and suppliers. Jan and Jean have a new dvd and it leapt into my bag too.

The Graduate Showcase was interesting and Jackie Langfeld's work was outstanding. See for a pic of one of Jackie's pieces. She has stitched 'warriors' from cardboard and string, but they are unbelievingly moving and set my imagination on fire.

The Royal Hall has been restored and is fully open, lots of seating, tea, coffee and cakes. And an excelent short cut from Hall TG to the learning curve rooms.

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