Sunday, March 08, 2009

quilts etc

I haven't been very creative since my studio went out of bounds, but I did have access to my sewing machine and a few fat quarters. I made 18 pin cushion baggies and yesterday I made this little quilt for GG to use in her dolls cot. It measures 17" x 14" and is as simple as can be.
I have only made one quilt before, full double bed sized and the only thing I was proud of was the fact that I finished it! It took so long to sew together that I forgot which pattern I was supposed to be doing. The stitching in the ditch missed the ditch in several places, the binding was awful, twisted and quite nasty. But I hung it on the wall behind the bed and it stayed there for several years. To be honest it just became part of the room and I stopped noticing it. This little one was a practice piece for The bed quilt I thought I might make for myself. I think I need more practice before I start on that ;)


:Diane said...

Really cute! I know the little princess will love playing with it. She may want another to take home for the other baby beds.

Julie said...

It looks good to me :o) I'm sure your GG will love it.

Rachel Murphree said...

What sweet little prints, and I like your simple machine quilting. so much nicer than stitch in the ditch (which I never did master anyway...) did you use the Sharon Schamber glue method for the binding? it looks great.