Monday, August 31, 2009

Busy busy

Where has the summer gone? Rhetorical question obviously. It has been hot and humid in my part of the world and I have mostly melted and not felt like doing much of anything. I did tutor a workday at the embroiderers guild in Lincoln last weekend and what a wonderful group they were. Everyone worked hard and hopefully by now have a completed amulet pouch of their own. I took my camera but didn't have time to take pics.
T'weather's turned now and we have a definate chill in the air, it is also breezy so it won't be long before the leaves are on the ground. It is true what 'they' say, the older you are, the quicker time flies...


D said...

I have an amulet and I didn't even have to work hard for it! Amazing work. And the little book inside with the poem is beyond words.
I envy your students getting to see all your little bags and to learn all your tricks and tips.

Wendy Coyne said...

glad you like it. You had already seen it, so I had to add something special. Happy birthday