Friday, September 04, 2009

WOMEN drivers

Busy three lane motorway. Approaching the section where the road divides, one lane leads off to the M62, two lanes continue along M1. Slow moving traffic in the one lane, fast moving in the other two. Woman driver (A) driving in the slow lane follows the junction to the M62 ie the left lane, Male driver (B) shoots across the carriageway and cuts her up, slams his brakes on as there is a queue, Woman A hits man B.
Woman driver (C) behind slams brakes on and stops a breath away from A. Congratulates herself for saving her 2 day old brand spanking new car. Looks up into the mirror just in time to see car (D) slam into her. Male driver.
Three cars written off. None of them belonging to the MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN THE WORLD who considered traffic jams not for the likes of him.

My daughter waited 3 months for her car. She had it for 2 days. She will be ok when her shoulder heals and she gets her nerves back into shape. She is a fantastic driver. I will be ok, I still have my daughter. You see, behind car D was a HGV and we have all heard the stories of what happens when one of those slams into a car. My beautiful fantastic driver daughter had swerved far enough onto the hard shoulder that the hgv managed to drive past them without harm. I feel very lucky.

For those of you have been reading for a while, this all happened within yards of the very place that the tire blew out. She has to be one of the most competent drivers in this country. And she is a woman driver.

And I love her (and her sister)

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Julie said...

How awful Wendy, but I'm glad for you that your daughter is safe. We were involved in a multiple on the A1 many years ago and my then husband headed for the central reservation and we were then clipped by an HGV that had wanted to use that escape route too. We were lucky too.