Friday, September 11, 2009

Bad girl

I need a new mobile phone, (more about that later) so went into nearest town (aka Grantham) to have a look at one or two. On the way back I had to almost drive past the Boundary Mill Store.
I popped in to see if I could see anything I might like to wear to the wedding next year, but everything I tried on made me feel old and frumpy. I only went over to look at the shoe section to see if they had any boots for C. They didn't but they did have these scrummy comfy red shoes. To get from the shoe section to the door I had to walk through the handbags and this one shot off the shelf into my hand. I didn't feel quite so ancient on the way home :)

So - I bought a Polaroid Pogo at an incredible bargain price. It arrived the next day. I took a pic using my mobile phone and tried to send it to the Pogo. Oops. My phone is so old it doesn't have Bluetooth! That was why I was in Grantham looking at mobile phones.


Diane said...

OMG, I love these. Do they come in Green?

Wendy Coyne said...

I didn't see any other colour but black, but those won't as special. They are incredibly comfy. I will be sure not to wear them out before I see you :)

Julie said...

I've found that happens a lot at Downtown, things just stick to you as you walk by! The shoes and bag look great.

I've been looking at these Pogos too. Did you get yours from Amazon? I'm very tempted to get one for when I'm journalling on holiday.

Rachel Murphree said...

FABULOUS shoes and bag. Love them!

Rachel Murphree said...

FABULOUS!! You'll need them for fabric shopping in Houston, hard on the feet I'm sure, so you were planning ahead!!