Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snow Woe

We were ready and willing. We set off even though it was snowing. We travelled for 1/2 an hour even though the roads hadn't been gritted. Then we came to a halt, after the third accident, R's car didn't like stopping. We carried on round the roundabout and came home. (The man on the satnav got his knickers in a twist)
Sometimes you just have to be grown up and sensible. Luckily we are planning to go to 'Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch' at the NEC in March so we have something to look forward to.


Rachel Murphree said...

oh, what a shame, but yes, so grownup. bummer....With some luck, Kizzie will do something outrageous to perk up your day!

Julie said...

Oh no, what a terrible shame :o( Mind you the snow was scary. I was in Peterborough and it was snowing thick and fast till about 11. The roads looked dreadful and even the little distance I travelled from the hotel to the studio was dicey (I wasn't driving). The really galling thing is it had nearly all gone by the afternoon. Roll on Embroidery and Stitch!