Sunday, February 28, 2010

Diversion rant

I drove south today to Chelmsford, lovely drive going, drizzle and grey and more drizzle. But I got there safe and sound and early for once. Had a nice afternoon with Em and then drove home. Via the A14, which was closed at Cambridge services. I followed the diversion signs and ended up back at the services. Hmm, this time I followed the car in front, thinking he might know where he was going and we both ended up back at the services! Next I followed a car transporter, figured he might know where to go. We drove all the way back to the M11. I thought that must be wrong so followed the A14 towards Cambridge. Ha, a diversion sign. I would like to tell you where I went, I have no idea. I followed those blooming yellow signs until I came to a roundabout, the diversion signs told me to go all the way round and back the way I came. No blooming way!!
Instead I followed the signs to Godmanchester. I found the Wood Green Animal Shelter (it was closed) and eventually found myself on the A14 going in the direction I wanted to go. Yey. Mine were the only headlights I could see, no-one in front and no-one behind me. So, in splendid isolation I beetled it to the A1, breathed a sigh of relief and went home.

I have questions. Where had I been? Why did it take almost an hour? Why wasn't I diverted off the A14 at the interchange with the M11? What a waste of time, petrol and blood pressure tablets.

Today I heard from someone who had done the journey in the opposite direction, it was just as bad, she had no idea where she had been either. One person going from Lincoln to Chelmsford ended up travelling via Ispwich!

Rant over, normal service will be resumed asap

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