Wednesday, March 24, 2010

dyeing disapointments

I am a bit disapointed with my dyed cloth. The blue looked so promising in the tray. I don't know whether it came out so insipid because I used soda soaked cotton, or was it my old dyes?

This orange piece was the cotton poked through the holes in the plastic sink mat. It took ages to do the poking and the results don't justify the effort. Again I used soda soaked fabric and old dye so will have another go soon.

I expected the colours to migrate more, next time I will add the soda after the dye rather than soaking the fabric to see if this makes a difference.


Rachel Murphree said...

I don't know, Wendy, they look pretty nice to me. Subtle leaves you room to embellish and bead, etc. without being too garish. But I didn't see the gorgeous deep colors it was as it was dyeing... seeing other people's attempts makes me realize I'd never want to do it! I'll just pay the higher price and buy someone else's fabric after they've gone through endless trials of disappointment.

Julie said...

I'm not expert but I would think it's probably the strength of the old dye that's the culprit so don't be despondent. I still like the stripes and subtle is good as Rachel says.

The Dog Man said...

The second one would make for a good portrait photography backdrop. :)