Monday, March 15, 2010

dyeing is fun - oh yes it is

On my trip to Ikea last week I picked up some shallow plastic drawers for less than £1, and a heavy rubber cd drawer liner for a bit more. Of course the rubber liner didn't fit the tray so I had to cut it down, which involved a couple of trips to the diy store first for a stanley knife, then again for a different stanley knife because the first all singing all dancing easy to use one wasn't. Then Kizzie tried to help which didn't. However I did manage to trim the liner so that it fit the tray.
I had some soda soaked cotton which I pushed into the groves of the rubber liner, then poured procion cobalt blue dye over. The hardest part is waiting until tomorrow before I rinse.


Julie said...

That looks interesting. I wonder if you'll get ridges in the fabric where the dye sits in the grooves? Hopefully I'll see tomorrow.

Heather said...

That looks like a novel way of dyeing fabric. I found you via Julie and will drop in again to see how the fabric turns out.