Monday, July 05, 2010

Kizzie ate my specs

Kizzie chewed my glasses, I needed an eye test so wasn't too cross.  Well I was but c'est la vie.  (move over Del Boy).  Astigmatism in both eyes was a bit of a blow as it was only in one eye last year, but the cataracts came as a bit of a shock. 
I will be picking up my four new pairs of glasses on Friday, in the meantime the delightful young woman in Specsavers in Sleaford made my old pair wearable for me, even though I didn't buy them from there.  Unless you look very closely you won't see the chew marks and they no longer fall off each time I move :)  I wouldn't normally bother to name a shop but the opticians that I have been going to for several years told me they were unrepairable and I needed to claim on my insurance.  So grrr to them.

I guess my style will be more abstract than ever and I may interject a little quirky colour into my work from now on - hey! my stuff may improve out of all recognition from now on ...


Julie said...

Oh bu**er! I haven't the words, cataracts! I hope it will be a long time before they are a problem. Speak to you soon. xx

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

That was just Kizzie's way of getting her mom to go to the eye doctor. Dogs know.
Sorry 'bout the cataracts. I just had my annual eye exam. Needed a bit stronger glasses, and doc told me I have just the wee beginnings of cataracts. But nothing to worry about or have surgery yet.