Sunday, December 30, 2012

medersa ben youssef

I love historical buildings, ya didn't know that?  If you google images for medersa ben youssef you will see for yourself why it took my breath away.  Pattern and colour and doors and .....

You wouldn't believe how long I had to wait for there to be no-one in this photo.  You enter the Medersa through that door and the colour and pattern hit you right between the eyes, so everyone coming through stood, mouths open in amazement.  Sometimes my patience surprises even me :)

 There were many many doorways to drool over

You can click on this one to enlarge and see the wonderful angels wings on the wooden panel over this doorway. 

Some of the students room overlooked the courtyard, this was the view from inside of one of those rooms.  Other rooms were smaller and had no windows.

the carvings around the walls and doors were intricate and amazing

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