Tuesday, June 19, 2007

ATAP. Artist trading amulet pouch. A while ago I challenged Daune to make an amulet pouch. Whilst I faffed about, Daune got on with it and has made a number of lovely little pouches.

This is my prototype. It is made from one piece of felt, with acrylic gel mediums, acrylic paint, foil and free machine embroidery. With a stuffed ribbon strap.

The next one will be similar but will have beads and stuff too. Unless I make the white fru-fru one first.


Connie said...

Very nice Wendy! Terrific color choice, too. what is a "stuffed ribbon"?

Wendy said...

This ribbon is knitted, (a bit like finger bandage), it is often found with the knitting yarns for sale. I thread a large blunt needle with a chunky yarn, or several strands of 4 ply and thread this through the ribbon. This makes it plump and round and then you can embellish it however you want. hope this helps