Monday, June 18, 2007

Bookmarks. I needed to make 12 things for the birthday rak at cloth paper studio. I figured that everyone uses bookmarks so they would come in handy. These are they! They are birthday cards which are also bookmarks and they are in the postal system winging their way to those with June birthdays.
The raks are a nice idea as they are sent freely and with no expectation of receiving anything in return.
I started with a base of pelmet vilene, bonded on hand-dyed abaca tissue (tissuetex). Added a strip of heavy lokta paper, machine stitched with metallic thread. Then I put on a strip of angel wire (Sizoflor?) across and embellished with copper and bronze bits. Decided that a tassel would be superfluous so didn't put one on.


KathyJ IN Md. said...

Hi Wendy! I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful bookmark you sent to me for my birthday! I just got home from vacation and it was a wonderful surprise!!! I just love how you did this!!!! I want to make some fabric paper ATC's and I just can't think of how to do it! Is this fabric or paper? I just love the texture of it. Is it mulberry paper? Please let me know!!!

And thank you so much again!! I will use it in the book I am reading right now!
Kathy Jones

Wendy said...

The background is space dyed abaca tissue, also called tissutex, lens tissue or repair tissue. It is very strong and dyes beautifully using procion dye.
If you bond your papers to something like pelmet vilene or felt it will stitch easily and won't fray, very useful when you are making tiny pieces. If you use something like bondaweb/visilene/wonder under to bond your papers instead of pva, it will also be much easier to stitch.