Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Canvas work. The Embroiderers Guild (Lincolnshire branch) asked us to all make a canvas work sampler. We had to use at least 9 different stitches.
I have never done any canvas work and I knew that whatever I produced would look amateurish next to the stuff the others would be making. And I don't like hand stitching much. I decided to do 9 stitches, just one of each. I always planned to cover them with tissue and paint over them, originally I was going to use three rows of three stiches and make a wig-whammy thing, but Elis has done some fab work on building blocks and I just happened to have some mahogany blocks that I bought at a boot fair ages ago. I gessoed over a handful of the blocks and painted them with a thin coat of quinacridone gold.
I stitched my samples using cotton warping thread (from the handweavers studio), I needed something that wouldn't be squished by the tissue and this is very firm but not hairy. And it was handy. Cut out the pieces and glued them onto the blocks. Then I glued tissue paper over the top. I coloured over them with gold acrylic paint but it was a bit too bright, so I washed over with Parker Quink ink (blue) to tone it down a bit. Then stroked a bit of markal over the raised areas.
I made the box! I bought some beading the same size as the blocks and used my trusty hack-saw to cut the pieces to size. Sanded the edges and then glued it together with marvin medium. The bottom is a piece of grey book board. I did put one panel pin on each edge to make it look as though I could hammer straight. I think I might need a bench saw if I am going to make any more of these (I did cut a few extra before I got four the right size and with straight edges).
Oh, gessoed the box then painted it with blue acrylic with glazing medium added. Then dabbed a tiny bit of markal on the edges.


Helen said...

Love your blog and your work. Those blocks are a very original way of displaying your sampler stitches. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work. I'll be back!

Wendy said...

thank you, I try to be original in the hope that it will cover up my incompetence :)

Leanne Hurren said...

Love this sampler Wendy - really creative and the colours are gorgeous

D said...

Not enough green! Excellent blocks, where are the extra two going to live? There doesn't seem to be any room left.
Can't believe you finished these...Don't forget to take them - is it tomorrow?

Wendy said...

They have been handed over, will be displayed on Saturday. I made 11 in cased I messed a couple painting them :)

I don't do green!

janene said...

What a super idea. Beautifully done. janene

MaryP said...

I saw these at Lincs EG's MH Day, and have been asking who made them.

I like the interactive element - in other words they're fun to touch