Monday, March 10, 2008

Green Grillon Postcard

Another work in progress. This is a small textured piece using Wensleydale fleece with other fibres and torn scrim stitched onto a base of grillon thread. The Grillon thread shrinks and distorts the fibres to make a scrummy texture.
The background is embellished knitting yarn on a felt background with some free machine embroidery.
I used the beads to attach the textured piece to the background. I will add more beads and a little hand stitching before I cut it to size and back it to make a proper postcard.


Rachel Murphree said...

isn't that *beautiful*?!! wow. I love that you have HUGE images as the click on, so that we can see all the luscious, scrummy detail. R

Val Foster said...

Very beautiful, Wendy. Was it difficult to make? Looks like you have a lot of time into it. Your process of making it is interesting.

Wendy Coyne said...

The grillon thread does most of the work. The important thing is not to put too much on, this would resist the shrinking of the thread. It takes me ages to gather the bits and pieces together and make decisions though :)