Monday, March 17, 2008

lutradur book WIP

This is a book I am working on as part of the lutradur workshop. It is very much an 'in progress' as I add more pages daily.
I have experimented with painting, printing and adding printed images in various ways. Used a soldering iron instead of scissors. None of the pages are finished as once I am satisfied with the images I plan to stitch (almost certainly by machine) over and into them.
I have learned a lot about lutradur in the last couple of weeks. It is strong, malleable, easily cut but won't tear. A soldering iron is a must. The '70' is slightly transparent whilst the '30' is very. It accepts acrylic paint very well and if you don't like the effect, you can rinse it under the tap and the paint will wash off. Colour print from my hp inkjet washed off but the black left a ghost of an image. Spraying with a fixative helped with the colour print but it needed several coats to make it truly waterproof.

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Evie said...

this is fantastic, Wendy!! Love the chunky texture you've created.
Evie x