Friday, November 20, 2009

Ben strikes again

C went out yesterday carefully putting Ben into his cage, locking it with a padlock and putting the keys on the floor by the cage. When she got home, the first thing she did was go to let the mad one out for a wee. No key! Search the house for the key, no key! Ben is going bananas because he wants out. Goes back to try to calm him down and notices a glint in the bottom of his cage (buried under socks). Chewed and slightly mangled key.
Did I mention it is a big cage? Huge. And the key was right in the middle where no hand could reach. It is a good strong padlock, (he breaks weaker ones and escapes and eats the house.) So using a long implement C tries to poke the key out of the cage, whilst trying not to hurt Ben who is squirming and wriggling and wagging everything, trying to lick her and generally getting in the way.
Last year my beautiful Katydog died and I am ready to bring another love into my life. B doesn't want to risk the heartbreak again. I have been trying to persuade him to my way of thinking. Ben just isn't helping...


Rachel Murphree said...

Oh but the love and affection and smiles and joy is worth the heartbreak. there can not be TWO dogs like Ben, can there? (shuddering)

Wendy Coyne said...

But Rachel you live with Nikki who must be Ben's twin. Dare I mention seat belts? And I still haven't forgiven Nikki for 'altering' my crochet yard sale bargain. ok, one look at her sad face and I forgave her :)