Friday, January 01, 2010

Snowy Lincolnshire

It snowed. So! you might say, but this is a big thing here and the snow caused utter chaos because we drove over it and compacted it, then the roads became one huge ice rink. Not too much of a problem where I live because the land is flat but we went to Yorkshire for christmas and it isn't even a bit flat there. So we spent an entertaining afternoon watching cars trying to drive up the road outside C's house, knowing that we had to do the same later. Eventually, with Claire steering and B+H pushing, the car was moved. The following day we all left our cars at the top of the road.

If you click on the pic, you will see a large image, notice the penguin sitting outside my door? It's my Easter Island Man. I like the patterns the snow made on the ground, especially the ones where cars have driven over.

My pc coughed it's final breath on the 23rd so I went shopping on boxing day and bought a new one. I managed to set it up and connect to the internet, (I am proud of that) thanks to my big bro I now even have sound but my printer won't work with windows7 until new drivers are written. Who needs a printer anyway ;)


Purple Missus said...

I love the snow - when I am at home in the warm, not so much fun when you have to go out in it though. :)
Kizzie is adorable. I yearn for another lab pup but DH says no until there is someone at home all day with it. Fair enough I suppose.
Happy New Year Wendy, and you never know, maybe 2010 will finally see us meeting up. :)
Take care

Rachel Murphree said...

Love these textures in the snow, and the easter island penguin.

Julie said...

Very pretty snow and I love your Easter Island penguin. Has Kizzie experienced the snow yet or are you having to keep her in until after her jabs?

Happy New Year! xx

Lorraina said...

"Who needs a printer anyway?"
lol, maybe by now you'll be saying "me, i do"
I did the same thing, bought a new 'puter at Christmas and i didnt know the printer/scanner/copier wouldn't work with windows 7. And for some strange reason my sound is very weak.... just when i found some great tutorials i want to listen to!
You are so very clever to be able to install things yourself. I'll have to wait until my grandson comes over.
I enjoyed your blog and will be back.