Sunday, January 24, 2010

morning pics

My being outdoors in the mornings is a rare thing. Yesterday I was out picking up doo, and trying to take a photo of Kizzie playing with her plantpot when I noticed the dew on my fir trees. It looked like the fairys had been and hung gorgeous baubles on the tree in the night.

The sun was shining and I thought the different colours in this corner were worth showing, the rusty bird has been there for years, it wasn't that colour when I planted it.

This little fir tree had dew baubles and tiny frosted cobwebs, you might need to click to enlarge the pic to see it in all it's glory.
It was worth being up early and you know, I might just do it again :)


Julie said...

Wow! That final photograph is beautiful! The cobweb is so delicate. Definite design possibilities there.

D said...

You could so some rust dyeing with that little bird...
You know that blogger is a total bust on comments, doncha?

Rachel Murphree said...

stunning! thanks for the tip to enlarge the pic or I wouldn't have seen the delicious cobwebs. getting up early is addictive...beware!