Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Slave labour

Only 10 weeks old and they have me doing the washing up already!

And the dusting.

Sometimes Kizzie gets herself into a bit of a pickle and needs help. She meows like a kitten and I go running. Kizzie managed to get upstairs very well by herself but couldn't get back down. After the third time I had to go and carry her back down I gave in and organised the gate.
p.s. I did run the dishwasher on a very hot wash once we fished Kizzie whizz out. Maybe next time someone will remember not to leave it open....


Anonymous said...

She is such a willing helper! Better than my daughter ever was.

Enjoy her puppiness but don't come crying when she keeps doing puppy things long past her puppyhood.

Can you say, Bad Dog Chuck?

Emma said...

You're so eeeeevil! First you have E cleaning, then G and now Kizzie!! Poor baby! She's not too young to learn the quick dial for the RSPCA, you know.

Rachel Murphree said...

but aren't that what kids and dogs are for??? to help clean up and pay their own way?? ha. Adorable pictures, adorable dog. wonder who left open the DW?

Julie said...

What a sweetheart! I wonder how long she'll fit on the step like that?