Wednesday, May 19, 2010

UNDERCOVER - The evolution of underwear

The exhibition in the main gallery at 'The Hub' is underwear. It is fascinating to see the sort of undies my gran wore, as well as those I wore once upon a time. There were some spectacular corsets, this green taffeta and lace one was very Moulin Rouge, but in fact was made in 2007 by 'Miss Katy'.

The side view shows the true colour, the amount and quality of the work in this corset is incredible and I can see that wearing one of these would change your character. (photo is borrowed from Julie)

This red two piece is from 'Butress and Snatch', made in 2004 but using lace and pompoms from the 1890's.

I would have loved a pair of these in my younger days. They looked very comfy and wearable and such great fun. These are from 'Carol Malony' Spring 2009. Made from Guipure embroidery, lace, net and mesh. The collection was inspired by traditional sailor tattoos.

The Triumph International Reform Corset from 1912 was my favorite garment in the exhibition. Made from soft cotton with tucks and pleats but no boning. This wouldn't look out of place today worn with jeans or a nice skirt.
The Hub kindly gave permission to take photos for personal use, I only had my mobile phone with me so these aren't the best quality, Julie had her camera so it will be well worth a visit to her blog.

The roof gallery at the Hub has 'Visual Thinking' from the Textile Study Group. This exhibition is about the creative thinking process and has a selection of sketch books alongside artefacts, photographs, installations and drawings. I found it very inspiring and came away wanting to get out my sketch books after a creative lull. I didn't take any photos of this exhbition so you will have to go and see it for yourself :) It is worth a day out to see work from Sarah Burgess, Mary Sleigh, Ann Wheeler, Rosemary Campbell, Jan Miller, Sian Marting, Mary Youles, Jenny Blackburn, Kay Greenlees, Gavin Fry, Janina Evans and Alison King.


Rachel Murphree said...

Cool! I'd love to see pics of the visual thinking exhibit. wish I could blink my eyes, wrinkle my nose, and pop in!

:Diane said...

Love that you had a fun day out at the gallery. Great show! I'm a very sensible cotton undies fan.